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Merry Christmas and Crafty Secret Santa

Firstly, Merry Christmas!

Secondly I want to tell you that I have participated in this years Crafty Secret Santa, organized by KraftyKat. Thank you so much for doing this Kat! I have been looking forward to my little package of crafty goodness all December. I got my goodies from the lovely far away lands of Great Britain, the same place I sent my Secret Santa gift. I think it is not against the rules to show you what I got and to share my happiness. Look at all the lovely things!
Crafty Secret Santa
This has to be all for now as there are loads more cookies to be eaten and bells to be jingled today.
x Sarah


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A shirtdress to come and winter holidays

As it is getting colder, darker and damper in Berlin I’ve been thinking more and more about summer dresses. Weird, right?

Recently I bought some McCall’s and Butterick patterns on sale for little money and am very eager to try out one dress in particular: McCall’s M6885. I have never attempted to make a McCall or Butterick garment so I was interested what kind of instructions would be included. I was glad to find out that they all come with detailed drawings and explanation. At least compared with Burda’s sparse and often confusing texts with mostly no drawings at all.

I will be making version D with long sleeves and the cute shirt-hem. I love these kinds of hems and I wouldn’t be lying if I was to say that this hem is one of the biggest reason for my determination to make a shirtdress.

I already found a nice fabric for the dress as well, a lightweight but rather stiff cotton. I’m slightly worried about the stiffness but I suspect that a prewash will get rid of that. The fabric was rather inexpensive so I will probably make a wearable muslin out of it if it doesn’t work out as planned.

But for the next week I won’t be thinking about shirt dresses at all as I am headed to the wonderful island of Rügen in North East Germany where I will be spending Christmas with my family by the seaside. There will be no sewing but as far as creativity goes I will surely take a few pictures and look for pretty pieces of amber on the beach, maybe even a drawing here or there.

Happy holidays to you dear reader and I hope you have a very merry time where ever you may be.

x Sarah

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My Bonnie Sweater


This is not only my first participation in a sew-along but also my first sewing blog post ever. So welcome to my blog! 🙂

I had a lot of fun making the Bonnie Sweater by Bluegingerdoll. I used the pdf pattern and it was very easy to assemble. The instructions were easy to follow and only two pages long so I could print them on just one piece of paper. The environmentalist in me liked that very much. If you are a beginner and need more detailed instructions you can just view them on Bluegingerdolls blog if you need them.

I don’t have a lot of experience sewing with knits so the Bonnie was somewhat a introduction to this area of sewing for me. I had some issues with my sewing machine sewing wonky seams but none with the pattern. I’d say it was a good beginners option for me, especially since there aren’t many seams or very complicated techniques. This makes the Bonnie in my opinion both easy to sew and to fit.

I made some pattern adjustments to account for my longer torso and arms as I am a very tall person. I also adjusted for broad shoulders. In hindsight this wasn’t necessary because there seems to be enough room for broader shoulders as is. I will definitely account for that in future makes of the Bonnie. I also opted for unfinished seams at the sleeves and hem. My grandma would probably shake her head in disgust but I really like that look.

Also I liked the boatneck variation of the neckline the best. While sewing I decided to embellish the neckline with some lace to enhance the romantic feel of the Bonnie. This detail and the lovely gathered sleeve-cuffs make me love my Bonnie very much and I expect to wear it a lot this winter. For next spring I’m already thinking about the short version with three quarter sleeves to wear over dresses.