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Ottobre Review and a lovely local shop

I am currently visiting Friends in Frankfurt and yesterday they informed me about a local shop that sells all kinds of notions called „Wächtershäuser„. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot but I was happily surprised. They not only carry millions of buttons and several different brands of thread in all the colors you could ever want but even have a good selection in corset and lingerie making supplies. They even sell Vogue patterns! Good thing I don’t live here or my bankroll would suffer.

After stopping myself from buying all the things I settled upon a few spools of thread that were on sale. Basically three different shades of turquoise and teal. Did I mention I sewed up a quick teal dress for this trip the other day? It’s almost the same color as my lovely Bonnie. Let’s just say, I like my blueish-greenish color palette.
In the shop I also stumbled upon the latest issue of Ottobre pattern magazine. I flicked through the pages and loved it. I already own one of their past issues and although I liked it for its simple and basic patterns I didn’t particularly love all of their silhouettes and designs. I’m just not a pants and hoody kind of person and there seemed to be a lot of that going on. So I was surprised to see that their brand new issue had some really lovely skirts, dresses and even two perfectly wearable pants patterns. The designs are aimed towards beginners I would say and all of them could make lovely every day wardrobe staples.
Also, this back cover its just so pretty! Pay attention Burda, the people of Ottobre know a thing or two about styling. Maybe it’s just the turquoise-fan in me but I’d love the fabric in the background as a wallpaper.

Ottobre also has a pretty good size range. They don’t divide their range in petite and plus-size but rather have all their patterns go from 34 to 52. They also provide the reader with specific measurements that go with their sizes. I find that to be very helpful. I can take one look at the chart and see how much I probably need to increase the back width or bodice-length.

Look at these tops. Really simple but lovely styled and I’m almost certain that I’ll whip up one or two of those for the summer.
I also really like the pants on the left. I’m not sure at all that they would be flattering on me but maybe I’ll try anyways. (But full-length, I don’t like crop-anything). Again, style-points.
Witch pattern-magazines do you prefer? Are there any great ones out there I might not yet have discovered?

x Sarah


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fun with fabric and DIY gifts

Slowly but surely spring is approaching Berlin. It is still pretty cold but the blue skies are returning. And I don’t know why this is the case but spring equals birthday-season among my group of friends.

I get somewhat stressed if I am unsure of what to gift each one of my friends and family members and so I usually try to plan ahead of time. Besides the obvious bookish and cakeish gifts I try to find a balance between giving beautiful and useful things, ideally both at once.
This time around I was thinking about hand painted and/or embroidered shopping bags.


On the grey bag I tried my new textile paint in pink and I think it turned out pretty well. This serves a double purpose as I’m planning on using paint on fabric as a way to embellish plain fabrics. I might even use that technique to get a kind of border print. To use for example as the hemline on a skirt. I might even look in to making my own printing blocks and full on printing my own fabric patterns some time later this year.
On the turquoise bag I did some fairly simple embroidery that I just made up as I went along. I would love to do a bigger scaled project one day and just cover a bag like that in flowers over flowers. But it is like they say: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I am still looking for great ideas for gifts to my male friends and relatives as I’m pretty sure that most of them are not too keen on flowers or pretty bags in general. But if I can find something suitable to embroider – let me tell you – I will embroider it!

x Sarah

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A Fun Little Embroidery Project

I didn’t have a lot of time the last weeks to finish up some of the garments I have in the works but love to do little embroidery projects from time to time. And since I’ve recently finished one I thought it would make a fun addition to this blog.

I’m planning on buying a nice round frame for it and putting it up on the wall next to my threads. It’s hopefully going to be equally nice to look at and serve as a reminder to choose – if at all possible – to be „f***ing happy“.

x Sarah