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My Southport dress

Hey! I’m back! I’ve been crazy busy since late May and thus neglected this poor blog. It saddens me that I didn’t have the time or energy to update it but I’ve been busy doing fun and interesting stuff, so yeah for that!

I was super exited when I first saw the Southport and wanted to make it right away. The pictures on True Bias‘ website are just geogeous. I especially fell in love with the maxi version. I was planning on doing the maxi version but the lovely fabric I got on sale only allowed for the knee lenghth option. Oh well, I might do a maxi version in the future.


I have been wearing this dress quite a lot as it is super light and comfy, just the perfect summer dress. I’m contemplating making another version with added short sleeves, just because I really like that look. If I run across the perfect fabric, I just might.

The pattern itself was pretty easy to assemble and a straight forward sew. If I remember correctly I made it up in an afternoon without any hassle. I sewed the buttons on instead of making proper buttonholes to avoid gaping and because of general lazieness. I might do them properly in possible future versions, just because I imagine it would look pretty. And also because I have a new sewing machine that does a one-step buttonhole and now I want to sew ALL the buttonholes.

How have you been and what have you been making?

xxx Sarah