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My Strokkur!

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Hello lovelies,

I have not been blogging a lot recently. Mostly because I have not been sewing a lot. I’m in the planning phase of several projects so you might get to some planning posts and even some finished things soonish.

But there are one or two things I’ve made and not shown you yet. Number one being this Strokkur sweater I have been knitting from last November to mid January.

I was contemplating not blogging about it at all because it could be considered a failure in many ways. It is about a size too big, I went way overboard with the sleeve lengthening – by a whooping 3 inches or so and after a couple of months I have yet to block it.

So, yeah. But…I knit my first sweater ever, nay my first garment ever! I just had to show it off.

I love the colors, I love the pattern and instructions – totally beginner friendly – and I’ve been putting it on in the evenings nonstop since I’m done. In fact I am wearing this sweater as I’m typing. That’s also the only reason for me not blocking it yet – I don’t want to not be able to wear it for half a week.

I don’t have a lot of clever things to say about the knitting process – base line: the knitting went fine and took ages – I kept thinking that I could have sewn about 65 sweaters in the same time. Seems like I’m not a proper knitter in my head yet. But hey, I have got more wear out of it since making it than any other garment I have ever made before.

I used Drops ‚Nepal‘ wool for everything and it is lovely to the touch and very reasonably priced. For the whole sweater I only payed about 45€. Sadly there is a lot of pilling going on. I have no clue if the blocking helps with that but I suspect not.

I espacially enjoyed knitting the fair isle part but I have to get sone training in because I can’t yet do the dominant color thing properly. (That’s basically choosing one of the two colors you knit at the same time and always holding it in a certain way to make it stand out more against the other color)

I see more knitted sweaters in my future, possibly even more Strokkurs. I love the fair isle yoke although it makes the sweater less versatile. Well, I guess I have 4 to 3234 blacks cardigans for versatile. 😉



2 Kommentare zu “My Strokkur!

  1. Your first knit! This is amazing, it looks warm a cosy everything a winter jumper should.

    Gefällt mir

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