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My first Oakridge blouse

Hello lovelies,

I have been quite busy recently – all non-sewing related, sadly. But some of the garments I was planning for in my autumn post have indeed been made. Today, I present you the Oakridge blouse!
I love blouses but I have not been buying or wearing them for years. Mostly because ready to wear blouses just don’t fit me right. They are always way to short in the torso and especially in the sleeves. So, in the past, if I wanted to wear a blouse I would always cuff the sleeves up to my elbow in an effort not to show their awkward length. So you might imagine that I was *really* exited for my first me-made blouse. And let me tell you, making this was a blast from start to finish!
I decided that I wanted to use the Sewaholic Oakridge pattern as I fall within their size range and I was in love with that cute bow. Before actually making it up I did some research on the internet as to the fit and possible issues other people had with it. I found that there aren’t that many Oakridge blouses out there – at least not if you compare it to the amount of Granville’s – it’s sister-pattern.  Some of the fit issues people were talking about were particularly long sleeves and fabric pooling in the back. The back of the Oakridge is cut on fold and has no dart shaping so pooling fabric can easily be an issue.

The first thing I did was flat measuring the pattern. I found that the sleeves were not too long on me and I didn’t even need to lengthen them. Amazing. The overall fit was great but I needed some length in the waist and while I was adding the length I decided to also alter the shape a bit and curve out the side seams below the waist a bit more for a more relaxed shape through out the hips.

The making of the pattern was quite uneventful and pretty easy. The instructions are easy to understand and the only issue I had was the attaching of the bow to the neckline. I’m not sure I did it correctly and (as a result?) my neckline won’t lie completely flat. I’m not super worried about the whole ordeal as the blouse was meant as a wearable muslin anyway (2€ fabric FTW) but I will have to look into that before attempting a second Oakridge.

Gladly, I can report a total lack of excess fabric in the back. Most likely that has something to do with me having bigger hips but a smaller bum. So the Oakridge might indeed be the perfect pattern to accommodate that.
A quick word about the fabric. This was a super cheap mystery fabric I bought on our local fabric market. It’s most likely some kind of viscose or viscose blend. It presses and sews nicely and I ended up liking it more than expected. But it is black with creme spots on it – it did not photograph well. Scrolling through my pictures I realized that non of them really showed the black bow on the black bodice. So in an effort to show this detail to you I took a close-up of the bow and brightened up the picture so you can see more details. Please bear that in mind when looking at the pictures below. Only the first picture shows the actual color of the blouse.
I really enjoy wearing my Oakridge. It makes me feel all chic and grown up (proper length sleeves and all) and I can’t wait stumbling upon some nice, drapey fabric that just screams pussy-bow blouse.
I would absolutely *love* to see more Oakridge’s. So if you made one up yourself recently please feel free to link me to it I do need some inspiration for my next one.

Hope you’re having a nice autumn and a (mildly) scary Halloween,
xxx Sarah